The Paso Digital Film Festival at Paso Robles High School


"Every great thing balances at all times on the razors edge of disaster...

When you are doing something that you really feel is something that is very special,

and you run into the obstacles, that you always do, and the bigger the project

the more obstacles and the more crisis will exists... it is when you push through

those problems, when you don't throw in the towel and you make it work...


It is easier to do the impossible than the ordinary...I is easier

to do the impossible than the ordinary.  You know why?


When you show people that you are trying something that impossible, then people

want on your side...Hands Across America was completely impossible, but I was

too naive to believe it, I didn't know better.  I did not know better to think that I

could not get 45 of the top people in the world together in a room to record a song.

It had never been done before, but I didn't know better.  Sometimes it is better

to not know better, sometimes it is better to just believe you can do it.


Ken Kragen is the co-creator and executive producer of We Are The World and Hands Across America.

His exchange with the kids was just great, and he gave them some news about the 25th Anniversary

of We Are The World, and got some suggestions from their generation of music, who they would like

to see join in to help starving children again...


Paso High Teacher, Ken Kragen and Chris Jones

Paso Robles High School Vice Principal

Vickey Mullins of Singing Hands




Dan Jones, Ponca Tribe Chairman and film producer,

with Chris Jones, Vice Principle Paso High School

Phillip Hain from Autism Speaks, Benford and

film festival staff and filmmaker Keegan Mullins

Keegan and Ann Dandridge, who is working close

with the festival on future endeavors, and was big

part of brining Congresswoman Diane Watson,

and Joel Diamond to be part of the event.



Phillip Hain asked the kids how many have the spectrum of

Autism in their family, or someone they know to raise their hand.