thePDFF was webcast 4 hours a day, from

2008 to 2011, with some great stars and

filmmakers, on left host Dan "Sasu Weh"

Jones interviews actor Max Gail

Benford "Buffalo" Standley's

18 years of Webcasting History 

Producer Benford Standley in the Beverly Hills
Hotel Webcast Room at end of FAITA Webcast

Live and Online 1999 & 2000

Benford E. Standley (bio) has produced webcast since 1995...following are some shots from past webcast and other events. In particular the

pictures are from the 5 hour webcast of the FIRST AMERICAN IN THE ARTS AWARDS CEREMONY with broadcast partner 

These Webcast were produced in 2000 and 2001...right before Hollywood said the Internet bubble had busted ...meanwhile back at the ranch...

Benford and partners were throwing wood on the World Wide Web fire, and the was for 4 years the only digital camera on the

red carpets of Hollywood...


The past 5 years he has produced 6 Digital Film Festivals.  Four in Paso Robles, CA, one Virtual World Wide Online Festival, and

the launch of the Digital Media Festival in Silicon Valley.

Webcast host Dan "Sasu Weh" Jones

interviews Denise Evans, Scott Sabicer engineering

the webcast from our festival studio.

Joseph sends feed to

our Broadcast partner on the webast

was our Broadcast
partner for two years


1995 Standley produces one of the first audio/video webcast in history...

1995 Standley produced one of the very first live video/audio Internet cybercast.  The webcast was from
the world famous Troubadour in Hollywood. On the lineup were some classic LA acts including, Bum
Steers, John York from the Byrds, Greg Harris of  Flying Burrito Brothers, Buck Page, founding member
of the Riders of the Purple Sage, county "hit" writer Steve Hill,  producer Sid Smith (Circus of the Stars,
Bob Hope's Christmas Specials for 10 years, Miss Universe Pageant) was playing cardboard box and

some other great LA talent chartered the super informational highway.. click for flyer from 1995


"The earliest webcast equivalent of an online concert and one of the earliest examples of

webcasting itself was by Apple Computer's Webcasting Group in partnership with the

entrepreneurs Michael Dorf and Andrew Rasiej.  Together with David Pakman from Apple,

the launched the Macintosh New York Music Festival from July 17-22, 1995.  This event

audio webcast concerts from more than 15 clubs in New York city. 


From the dates above, Benford produced the second webcast in history... we are sure needs to be

more research to confirm...but we see the race is on...


In 1997, while living back in Austin, Tx, Benford produced a live Internet cybercast of Willie Nelson

and Kinky Friedman and Friends, who were playing for the 100 year birthday party of Jimmie Rodgers

( Father of Country Music). The cybercast was produced in concert with Sony/Columbia Online and

he produced  the show on a Bob Dylan website. The show was a Yahoo "Pick of  the Week," and a

pick by, and was so successful that the Sony server system crashed in San

Francisco.   thank you very much...


Computers in the Webcast Production room



Standley was headed down the Super

Informational Highway in the early days...

however, had a hard time in Los Angeles

getting anyone to understand what he was

talking 1998, after he launched

it was four years before he saw any

other digital cameras on the red carpets of

Hollywood...he was posting to the website

digital pictures taken with his Sony Digital

Mavica first made in 1997...

Ronnie and Rip Masters

John Beland, from the Burrito Brothers

 & Ronnie Mack, the one and only...

1998-1999 Benford Standley and his company did a audio webcast

(podcast they are now being called) ever Tuesday night for one year

Virtually live from the RONNIE MACK BARN DANCE at a club on the

famous corner of Hollywood and Vine...for one year the digital audio

and hot digital pics from the nights were posted at the

The audio of the show, interviews and hot pics from the shows were

streamed online weekly via the website.

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1998, he launch his new project the   A  Virtual Entertainment

InterNetwork on the World Wide Web.  The site was launched on June 22, 1998, with

a taped show produced on May 26, '98.   For the past twelve years he has produced

hundreds of webcasts, podcasts, and other digital happenings on the Internet. 


click to see the webcast coverage


Benford produced two 5 hours webcast of the


with broadcast partners YAHOO...Webcast in

2000 was live from the Beverly Hills Hotel, and

2001 was from the Century Plaza Hotel...


When I asked the team in Dallas with Mark

Cuban's team, who were running the streaming

technology for Yahoo.. "Had anyone streamed

longer than 5 hours live?"  Yahoo! said, "Yeper,

Willie Nelson Webcast of his 4th July Pick Nick

went for eight or nine hours." So we'll run second
to Willie any day.  The webcast would cut from

the main stage to the backstage production

studio were we were doing interviews...

Below check out some of the pics from

the two years of webcasting with Yahoo and the


Live from Beverly Hills

Lindsay Wagner at the first

Webcast in 2000...





Georgina  and  Jackie Kane


Benford Standley began to study multimedia in 1993, while negotiating

a one million dollar CD-Rom deal with IBM, after learning about CD-Roms

from his friend Dan "Sasu Weh" Jones, who was doing a CD-Rom project

with Kevin Costner.  He learned more about the Internet and it's future

power from Computer Bob and Willie Nelson back in 1994, when he and

Bob were coproducing the shortwave radio broadcast of Farm Aid for Willie. 

Setting on Willie's bus with Neil Young, Kris Kristofferson, host of the

broadcast Wavy Gravy and Benford's long time friend Thom Steinbeck

(son of the writer John Steinbeck) he was for sure High on the revelation

he was having hearing Willie and others talking about the "Internet"...

Host Dan "Sasu Weh" Jones interviews Mary Kay Place and Rita Coolidge. Rita has a history in county music

and a Native American performer...the next year she

was the Hostess for the Webcast from Beverly Hills.

Molly Culver TV Series V.I.P.

backstage in webcast studio

StudioClub Webcast studios were really rt is John Henn on camera.

While the show is going onstage we had

a live interview room backstage where

we were interviewing the artists...and

would have stage cut to us on the

live webcast with

remember it is 1999

 Chuck Banner doing the mix

During this 1999 Webcast we had

a computer in the production studio

set up where people could email

and chat with the artist at the Show

Jade Herrera comes to the
Webcast Room for interview &
chat with the folks on the live
chat that was set up backstage.

Max Gail & Host/Festival co-Producer

Dan "Sasu Weh Jones backstage

Actress Jade Herrera

Like many of the stars with us

back stage experienced her

first live online email chat

Pre Myspace, Facebook Era...

online chats via email


Mary Kay Place, L.P. Brown & Rita Coolidge

Roscoe Pond on left center is Eagle 
Young and Chuck Banner on  right


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