Festival Marketing

Market Research



Having your winery and/or vineyard branded on our website will give you a far reach in

the marketing that you so desire via the Internet.  We are one of the top ranked sites in

daily traffic to our website, exceeding the Dallas, Nashville, Atlanta, Malibu, Santa

Barbara, Monterey, Chicago, Carmel, SLO, LA Reel, and many other well established

film festivals.  Do a Google search for "digital film festival" and you will see ours comes

out on top of the list, and we did not pay for that position...we earned it!!!


You will begin to ride on the Festival promotions as soon as you sign on prior to the

festival and during all the online excitement during the festival, and the very high traffic

for 4 months after the festival...with all total hundreds of thousands of people will be

visiting during your branding ride.


Wine is a major blend of the festival this year with wine events throughout the festival,

with tastings, a printed wine program and wine map, and an big online presentation of

the wine events, wine celebrities, and the screening on wine related movies.




Rex Pickett, the author of the wine classic SIDEWAYS, and now his new release

VERTICAL, is our very special guest for thePDFF weekend.  We are going to be

working with several wineries to create fun wine tasting and book signing events.


We would love to talk with you about planning to have your wine at

one of the Rex Picket events as an event sponsorship ..We will work with a number of wineries, where we will bring Rex by at a scheduled time to meet your club members, sign books and give a Q & A on

his new play SIDEWAYS, and the new book and other news TBA...





Trader Wine Sponsorship-- donate wine only


For the donation of 4 cases of a variety of your wines, you can become a Wine Trader Sponsor.

For the most part your wine will be served to VIPs at some of the screenings, panels and other

events during the festival.  One case will be auctioned off during the auction, with all money being

donated to a fund that will go to Paso Robles area youth programs.  For this you receive:


1. Your logo and link to your website on the FESTIVAL WINE EVENT website pages.

2. You will have a logo ad in the Festival Program Wine section...

3. We will put a brochure and a bottle of your wine in the VIP gift bag (30)

4. Your poster or name of your vineyard will be on table where your wine is served.

5. Your wine will be served to VIPs at screenings, hotel rooms, backstage and in VIP

areas, panel discussions, and other select locations.

6. You will have your logo on the 2011 Sponsorship Page.



Winery ON THE MAP   $150.00


Your logo and link to your website on the FESTIVAL WINE EVENT website pages, and

your tasting room location will be listed as a participating winery, and depending on some of

your ideas this sponsorship will cost only $150.00.  You have your logo and location on the

printed festival map and program, and on the online virtual map via google maps, and our

own website map.


You can create with us an idea to help draw people to your winery, or tasting room and we

will put you on the festival map and encourage people to visit your winery during the festival

you tell us what you have going on during the weekend.




We'll screen one of the films in your tasting room, or at your vineyard.  Depending on what

arrangements work out between us on this event.  Sponsorship are $500.00


Your winery will host one of the unique film screenings, and after screening Q & A's.  The agreement

will be that your company will furnish the staff to set up and strike down, and have the staff to pour

the wine.  The festival will decide which screenings that you will host and serve and work with you to

schedule the screenings during the afternoon and evening.  The festival will bring in equipment and

staff to screen the movies, bring our special guests and help make this a great event.


1. Your logo and link to your website on the PASO ROBLES page, listed on the page of the

    event that you are pouring for, or sponsoring.

2. You will have a 1/2 page ad in the Festival Program.

3. Your location will be on the Festival guide and Festival program wine section.

4. You will have the option of putting a brochure and/or bottle of wine in the VIP gift bag (50).

5. You will be advertised on the schedule page of the website, and other places we are promoting

    the screenings as a major festival location.

6. You will receive 4 All Festival Passes.