Hector Galán has been creating documentary films for over thirty years. He has produced and directed eleven films for the PBS series FRONTLINE, two films for THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, and many critically acclaimed and award-winning independent films such as feature documentaries, music documentaries, and documentary series. Galán founded his company, the Austin Texas based Galán Inc. Television/Film in 1984. The company have contributed over thirty hours of programming for PBS.

Galán Inc. productions include the series Chicano! History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement, New Harvest, Old Shame, Shakedown in Santa Fe, Cuba:Personal Journey, Los Mineros, The Hunt for Pancho Villa, Songs of the Homeland, Forgotten Americans, Vaquero The Forgotten Cowboy, Accordion Dreams, and many more.


Los Lonely Boys: Cotton Fields and Crossroads


After a childhood of playing cantinas and honky tonks, Los Lonely Boys blazed onto the music scene with a 2004 self-titled debut release that went multi-platinum and a 2005 Grammy win for their hit single, “Heaven”. The Garza brothers- Henry, Jojo, and Ringo- have a unique signature sound they call “Texican”. Los Lonely Boys Cottonfields and Crossroads brings their amazing story to the screen.

Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Hector Galan, himself a San Angelo native, fuses exciting live performances, vivid imagery of West Texas, intimate personal stories told by the band and their family, weaving a historical and cultural perspective on Los Lonely Boys, their Mexican-American roots and musical influences.

The film had its world premiere at the 2006 SXSW film festival and its West Coast Premiere at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival. It was nominated for a 2007 Imagen Award for Best Documentary film and screened at the 3rd annual Turks & Caicos International Film Festival in October 2007.

Check the film’s website at: Los Lonely Boys Cottonfields and Crossroads Film Website.

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