Joe Hyams


"It's not unusual for studio heads to gush undue praise on executive appointments. But the case of Joe Hyams

appears to be different.  Warner Bros. chairman Robert Daly doesn't call him the "dean" of publicity and

advertising lightly. In fact, it is Daly who says Hyams' recognition is long overdue."


Joe has been working with Clint Eastwood since 1971, working on many of his projects and movies,



The 32-year veteran of the Burbank studio was promoted yesterday to executive vice president of special

projects.  He has shepherded projects of talents such as Stanley Kubrick, Francois Truffaut, David

Puttnam, Barbra Streisand, Robert Redford and John Wayne. 


Before joining WB in 1960 as national advertising and publicity director, Hyams worked in publicity for

20th Century Fox and Columbia Pictures as well as several indies, including Hecht-Hill-Lancaster and

Batjac Prods.


He became a VP of publicity at WB in 1970 and was promoted to senior VP 17 years later.