George Wilkins
Composer - Conductor - Orchestrator -Producer


George was the "Composer in Residence " at Walt Disney Productions for over seven years
as well as Director of Music for Walt Disney Imagineering. He is responsible for writing, arranging 
and producing over 36 hours of music for film, theatre and pavilion attractions at EPCOT, 
Disneyworld, Disneyland California, France, Tokyo and China.

Prior to this, his film and TV credits included the Rankin Bass features " Wackey World 
Of Mother Goose" and "Return To Oz".  ABC's  MOW "Black Market Baby" , CBS's "Our Place" 
series plus many outings on various TV variety and dramatic shows. Going back even further 
he was a performer and arranger on many National TV shows, a recording artist on RCA
records, plus writing, producing and conducting headline acts for Las Vegas.

Leaving Disney in 1986, he wrote and produced over 230 songs for the "Talking Mother Goose" 
and "Teddy Ruxpin" TV series and toy software packages, plus several more for the Jim Henson 
"Muppet Babies" series.

Over the past 22 years he has written shows for the Universal Studio Tour called "The Art
Of Making Movies", the MGM/Disney Studio Tour "Great Movie Ride", General Electric's new 
"Carousel Of Progress", ECOPT's  Land Pavilion Rehab, and the new Imagination Pavilion's
"One Little Spark"  He recently completed the new "Small World" show that just opened in 
Hong Kong.

Since moving to Paso Robles, he has continued working on many projects for Disney and 
Explorative Toys. He also acts as Musical Director for the "Inventors Hall Of Fame"
annual induction ceremonies, once a year in Akron, Ohio.