thePDFF brought you 3 D in 2008...two years early on the

3 D cutting edge...Twenty Ten we will do it again...



3-D @ Film Fest Twenty Ten

Thanks to Co-Producers Abe Perlstein and Sara Ivicevich

for helping us launch a 3 D tradition

See more on the First Annual

3-D Indie Film Expo Below
one of the first 3-D Film Festivals EVER



Monday November 24, 2008 marked the beginning of a great tradition within the Paso Digital Film Festival – the 3-D Indie Film

Expo. 3-D filmmakers, enthusiasts, technical experts, and newcomers to the stereoscopic world enjoyed a day of screenings,

demonstrations and mingling at the Park Ballroom, in downtown Paso Robles. One such newcomer was music legend Ramblin’

Jack Elliott, who gave an impromptu recollective interview which was shot in 3-D!  F. McLintocks provided tri-tip, stuffed mush-

rooms, brochette, and cheeses paired with a selection of wines from Rotta Winery and Vina Robles. Hermann’s Chocolate Lab

was on hand with a chocolate fountain and dipping treats. To round out the experience, guests mingled to the Gypsy jazz styling

of The Tipsy Gypsies.  Attendees explored a variety of multi-dimensional art and display systems including Tree-D Film’s True

Vision 3DHD Micro System (used for micro surgery), Jim Long's beautiful anaglyph prints and John Hart of Colorado’s

“Mirscope”. Additionally the 2008 3-D Indie Film Expo poster was presented in 3-D stereo anaglyph by graphic design artist

Ryan Colditz.  Content was presented via linear polarized 3-D stereo projection and a pair of Optima proje ctors courtesy of the

Stereo Club of Southern California and projected on a large silver screen by the club’s Movie Division Chair, John Hart.  All

screenings and art were viewed with glasses provided by Rainbow Symphony, Inc.  The first series of shorts included… 



    • "How to Walk"  Dir., Alan Williams

    • "Doggycam Vista"  Dir., Takashi Sekitani

    • "Splish Splash"  Dir., Frank Elmore

    • "The Ennis House"  Dir., Tom Koester

    • "Shine"  Dir., Eric Deren

    • "Ghost Car"  Dir., "California" John Hart

    • "Mousetrapped"  Dir., Ron Labbe

    • "Come Coco"  Dir., Santiago Caicedo

    • and "Family Guy - Blue Harvest"  Dir., Dominic Polcino; 


Next came real time 3-D video production demonstration by D.P., Paul Taylor.  His 3-D Steadicam rig was the first in the world, and 3DIFE attendees got to see how it worked first hand.  One of the most important elements of 3-D production is “convergence”.  Paul gave a first rate demonstration of how and why it is important, and how to make it work! Besides being very informative, the audience became part of a 3-D piece themselves, which will be posted online at

At  3:30, "The Desktop 3-D Revolution" a panel discussion on do-it-yourself 3-D moviemaking, began.  Moderated by world renowned 3-D filmmaker, comics publisher, and 3-D film historian, Ray Zone and comprised of  3-D filmmakers and technical experts “California” John Hart, Eric Kurland, and Tom Koester.  DIY 3-D production techniques were discussed as well as the emerging technology for home stereoscopic editing and viewing, delivery formats, and the future of interactive media.  

Photo by Richard Bastian

Buffalo Benford, Abe and Ramblin' Jack Elliott


The crowd was excited and eager to view the next round of screenings to see content created by the panelists, as well as put their newly acquired 3-D knowledge to the test. The second series of screenings included… 

    • "Plane fancy"  Dir., Tom Koester
    • "Up Denali in 3-D" / "The Carstensz Pyramid"  Dir., Tom Reiderer
    • "Slow Glass"  Dir., Tom Koester / Ray Zone
    • "Skydiving in 3-D"  Dir., Eric Deren
    • "Pump Action"  Dir., Phil McNally
    • "Moving Still"  Dir., Santiago Caicedo
    • "In Your Face 3-D: The Best 3-D Book Ever"  Dir., Ron Labbe
    • "Wanderlust"   Dir., Isaiah Saxon / Sean Hellfritsch
    • "Liquid Magic"  Dir., "Colorado" John Hart
    • and "Fireworks Symphony"  Dir., Takashi Sekitani

Focusing on facilitating the 3-D revolution shift from mainstream theaters to the home via the Home Theater Desktop, the site will offer suggestions for stereoscopic home viewing solutions from screens, to projectors, to computer monitors. 



Discovery Communications, Sony and IMAX announce plan to launch first 24/7 dedicated 3D television network in the U.S.

Katzenberg is hoping that audiences will agree with

his pronouncement, as he and Technicolor CEO

Frederic Rose on their linking up with Samsung

to bring 3D to American's living rooms

John Landau Producer of Avatar,

is at the Panasonic Press Confer-

ence where the show their new 3D

TV screens and 3D camera

Panasonic showed a professional, fully-

integrated Full HD 3D camcorder in Fall 2010.


At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, four of the top selling TV manufacturers--Samsung Electronics, Sony, LG Electronics and Panasonic--showed off their latest versions of 3D TVs. Panasonic set up a mini-home theater where its 103-inch,

plasma 3D screen showed clips from New Line Cinema's Journey to the Center of the Earth and Walt Disney Pictures' animated

film Bolt. They also showed high-definition 3D footage from NBC's broadcast of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

While some manufacturers, such as Mitsubishi, Phillips, Samsung, and Sharp, have already begun selling 3D-ready TVs, the top

four manufacturers plan to have new, advanced 3D TVs on sale toward the end of 2009 and into 2010.