Sandy Dent and David Amram

Artist and Festival Supporter Sandy Dent & David

Benford Standley and Elise Glascock's

Bruce Ricker Tribute

The Innocent

Jump Rope Sprint

LAP with Max Gail

Lauren Francesca

Film as Art Panel

David Amram:

The First 80 Years

Life on the Duro

Digital News



2012 The True

Myan Prophecy

Winter Frog

Music Videos




Jump Rope Sprint

Chris Felver shows a pic he took of Benford with Merle Haggard

Daivd Amram, Courtenay Raia and Christel Whittier





Kenny Lee Lewis & Loren Francesc






David & Festival photographer Richard Bastia





Dawn Engle chats with actor Max Gail





Benford Standley and Lauren Francesca


Amber Smith, Nicholas Hawkins, Natasha Timpani,

Dara Davey,  Jason Hawkins and Ostin Drais




David Amram &  Photographer Richard Bastian

Max Gail

2012: The True Mayan Prophesy



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