Patrice Poujol 

Patrice Poujol (also known as 心天虎 in China) is the owner of Box Productions and Box Promotions, a digital media group based respectively in Hong Kong and Ireland which promotes film content to and from Asia as well as co-productions. Patrice Poujol is the Chairman for Europe of the Hong Kong International Producers Film Forum. 
He was the initiator and Project Director on ‘The 1st Irish Film Celebration in China’ with the Shanghai IFF and Beijing IMF in June-July 2010. The project was endorsed by key Irish Production companies such as Element Pictures, Samson Films and Newgrange Pictures. The event was supported by Reel Ireland /IFI, the Irish Film Board and funded by Culture Ireland and Glen Dimplex. 
Patrice also contributed as an advisor of the 1st Chinese film festival in Ireland organized by the Chinese Embassy in Dublin, the Dublin City Council and the Irish Film Board. In March 2011, he consulted in Hong Kong, in the area of media, for Institutional and Consular bodies such as the Mexican Consulate and Mexcham.
Patrice has written, directed and produced three short documentaries and four short drama pieces between 2003 and 2010, some of which were screened in Europe and Asia and received awards. His latest release TASTE is a surprising mixture of film noir and music hall. 
As a PhD researcher in film, Patrice Poujol’s areas of interest include film and new media distribution. He is currently working on the publication of his book : 'Film Finance and Distribution in the Digital Era : A Chinese Perspective'.
Patrice believes that China and other Asian countries are increasingly open to joint productions: China wants to go out to the world and likewise the world is increasingly interested in stories coming from China.  Sino-US joint film productions like 'The Karate Kid', 'Shanghai' or 'The Flowers of War' are recent examples of how Chinese and international talent and know-how are combining on screen.  
In July 2010, China signed a co-production treaty with New Zealand and several countries are about to do the same. Canada has been harnessing the joint-benefits of the treaty in both TV and Cinema co-productions. The global interest in China has also been displayed at the first edition of the Beijing International Film Festival in April this year with the attendance of a number of Hollywood representatives including Executives from the MPAA.
Patrice is currently involved in the development and financing of three Eur-Asian co-productions and a joint festival initiative with Paso Robles and Las Vegas Digital Film Festivals.