The Paso Digital

Film & Wine Festival



winners of the local Paso competition




Marc & Brenda Lhormer

will attend the festival and

screening, and host the

"Judgment of Paso"

In an reenactment of the famous "Judgment of Paris"

that's portrayed in the movie...Marc & Brenda will host

an actual head to head competition between Napa Valley

and Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay

wines, which will be judged by some of the festival wine

and movie celebrities, and all set in a exciting and fun

blind tasting contest, settling another famous dispute.





If you missed the screening of


last year because of the wet

cold storm that blew in last

year on that night...your in

luck...we will screen again

this year, this is as good as

it gets with wine and music

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Rex Pickett

Author of "Sideways" with his new book "Vertical" now out, will be at the festival for the Sideways Screening and a very special presentation on "Book to Film Adaptation"...and talk about the new

Sideways play in Santa Monica...


A very special screening of "Sideways"

with music from the soundtrack and

a Sideways/Vertical Wine Event

Rex will be doing the stage adaptation of Sideways for the Ruskin Group Theater in Santa Monica.  More information soon...


Dinastia Vivanco

Canadian-British artist and filmmaker Zev Robinson

will give a presentation

on Port and Douro Wine

and the research and

making his wine films


Life on the Douro





"Judgment of Paso"







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"Winemaking and wine grape growing that was introduced by the Franciscan Friars beginning circa 1790

The first to farm wine grapes was a Frenchman, Pierre Hypolite Dallidet, who arrived in San Luis Obispo

in 1853.  Commercial winemaking was introduced in the late 1870s when Indiana rancher Andrew York

began planting vineyards on his 240-acre homestead. Within a few years, he found that the vines were

yielding more than he could market, prompting him in 1882 to establish Ascension Winery, known today

as York Mountain Winery."


"The Paso Robles wine region gained more notoriety when Ignace Paderewski, the famous Polish statesman

and concert pianist, visited Paso Robles for the hot springs that brought relief to his ailing hands. He became

enchanted with the area and purchased 2,000 acres. In the early 1920s, he planted Petite Sirah and Zinfandel

on his Rancho San Ignacio vineyard in the Adelaida area. When Prohibition ended, Paderewski’s wine was

made at York Mountain Winery. The wines produced from grapes grown on Rancho San Ignacio went on

to become award-winners and Paso Robles’ reputation as a premier wine region grew." from