Players, Actors, Producers, Characters and Carnies

appearing and performing at the Wild West Digital Film and Wine Fest







David Amram-has composed more than 100 orchestral and chamber music works, written

many scores for Broadway theater and film, including the classic scores for the films

"Splendor in the Grass" and "The Manchurian Candidate"; two operas, including the

groundbreaking Holocaust opera The Final Ingredient; and the scores for the landmark 1959

doc "Pull My Daisy" narrated by novelist Jack Kerouac.  He is also the author of three books,


and UPBEAT: NINE LIVES OF A MUSICAL CAT, published by Paradigm Publishers.  He has

collaborated with Leonard Bernstein, Dizzy Gillespie, Dustin Hoffman, Willie Nelson, Odetta,

Thelonious Monk, Eliaz Kazan, Author Miller, Charles Mingus, Lionel Hampton, Johnny Depp,

and Tito Puente.   And we are so excited to give him the Bruce Ricker Lifetime Achievement

Award at the festival this year.



Ester Brym is from Prague, Czech Republic and is a producer and editor.  In 1997 she moved

to New York City to pursue studies in filmmaking.  She worked as an editor in independent

cinema until 2008, when she decided to move to LA to direct her first feature film "Butterflies". 

The film is about YouTubers, is the first film that puts YouTube on a big screen and introduces

the world to social media.  "Butterflies is the first film, that profiles the life of Internet celebrity as

a new phenomenon," says journalist Veronika Bednarova in her article Reflex.  The film has won

a number of film festival awards.



Gary Conway has an extraordinary creative background from the fine arts to the arts of

viticulture and winemaking, it was in television where Gary  first became recognized worldwide,

initially starring in the TV series "Burke's Law," then "Land of the Giants," the world’s most

successful TV series.  Besides starring in series and a multitude of episodic television shows and

TV movies for the three networks, he starred in many motion pictures.  He is also a prominent

screenwriter with such credits as “Over the Top,” and the “American Ninja” series.  He currently

directed and starred in the acclaimed film “Woman’s Story.”  Gary is also an accomplished

writer and painter and received the festival's Renaissance Media Award in 2010. 



Joel Cox (Editor) has worked with Clint Eastwood for more than 30 years, on films that include

"Bird," "Eastwood After Hours: Live at Carnegie Hall," Tony Bennett: The Music Never Ends," and

co-edited Clint Eastwood's "Piano Blues."  Joel has been editor on movies like “Flags of Our

Fathers,” “Million Dollar Baby,” “Mystic River,” “Blood Work,” “Space Cowboys,” “True Crime,”

“Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,” “Absolute Power,” “The Bridges of Madison County,”

“A Perfect World,” and “Unforgiven,” for which he won an Academy Award for Best Editor in 1992.

WE GAVE JOEL THE LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, and have great footage of him in

interviews and panel discussion.  This year he is attending the festival tribute to his old friend and

associate Bruce Ricker, and to bestow the BRUCE RICKER LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD

on David Amram.



Joel Diamond Billboard Magazine described Diamond as, "one of Contemporary Music's Best

Record Producers sitting behind the board." A 30-year industry veteran, multi-platinum producer/

songwriter Joel Diamond has produced and/or co-written over 36 gold and platinum recordings,

plus movie soundtracks and television themes, and has been a recording artist himself on five

different labels. His career has included everything from record production and song writing

to heading up the music publishing companies for both Mercury (at which time his second in

command was Tommy Mottola) and CBS/Sony Records, serving in executive and creative

capacities. During his career, he has also worked closely with such music icons as: James

Taylor, Laura Nyro, Harry Nilson, Van Morrison, The Bee Gees, Rod Stewart, Barry

Manilow, David Bowie, Dr. Hook, among others.



Dawn Engle-author, filmmaker, co-director of the award-winning documentary film, "PEACEJAM"

co-authored the book, "Simple Acts of Peace", published by Penguin, and directed the award

winning documentary "2012: The True Mayan Prophecy".  She has been nominated 6 times for

the Nobel Peace Prize.  Dawn is the Executive Director at

PeaceJam Foundation, that has been bringing 12 Nobel Peace Laureates together for a series of

dialogues on humanity, and she is a Colleague at Nobel Women's Initiative.  Dawn was a

Washington politico who became the youngest female chief of staff in the U.S. Senate working

for Wisconsin Rep. Robert Kasten.  She travels the world, encouraging young people through

schools and youth groups to initiate projects to benefit local communities, with more than

600,000 young people involved.  PeaceJam now has 11 Nobel Peace Laureates on its board.



Christopher Felver is a photographer and filmmaker.  His work has been exhibited internationally,

and his works are collected by numerous libraries and museums, including Stanford University

Special Collections.  He participated in the 53rd Venice International Film Festival, and screened

films in festivals and museums around the globe, including presentations at the Library of Congress,

he received the Best Art Documentary Awards at the Cinema Arts Centre Independent Film

Festival, and he was a Visiting Artist at the American Academy in Rome.  Chris worked with Bruce

Ricker, who was Clint Eastwood's partner in documentaries, and William Randolph Hearst III

was a producer on his Ferlinghetti.  This year the Festival give Chris the Music in Media Award.



Rich Ferguson  is a magician, entertainer and poker columnist.  He is current spokesman

for a Dream For Kids, a local, San Luis Obispo California charity. Rich's humorous and original

magic has enchanted audiences all over the world. Rich combines magic, hypnosis and mentalism

to create a style of magic that is highly intriguing and sets him apart from the rest as a world-class

magician. His slogan is "Where Magic & Mentalism Join Hands." He performs for high profile

events, award shows, magic clubs, theatres and his hands are used as extras in movies for cheats,

gambling, hustles, pick pockets and various manipulations.  Recently Rich was a huge hit on the

Ellen Degeneres TV Show...and as she said, "You blow my mind."



Lauren Francesca grew up backstage, in the audience of Broadway Shows, on the set of man

commercials and at her parents dance studio and rehearsal space where she realized there is no

business like show business.  Her father was a Broadway actor and worked with the likes of Elia

Kazan, and her mother danced in Broadway shows.  In 2009 Lauren did a video parody with Barely

Political, newly created channel, "The Key of Awesome".  It was their first parody of a celebrity.

Lauren engrossed herself and became Lady Gaga, the video was huge success and received

over 25 million views on youtube.  She is developing new content for her online channel, working on

some television and movie projects, in addition to working on several charity projects.  Lauren has

over 200 million views online, as she is winning a number of awards for her work.



Max Gail His acting debut came in 1970 in San Francisco, California, playing the Chief in the

original stage production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.   He is best known for his television

role as Det. Stan "Wojo" Wojeciehowicz from the sitcom Barney Miller (1975). Gail's best known

feature film role is in D.C. Cab (1983) as Harold, Gail runs Full Circle, a production company which

has done documentaries on such subjects as Agent Orange, Native Americans, and nuclear issues.

His bio has countless performances in television series, specials, movies, music performances,

and stage performances.  Max directs an organization called LAP, a organizing concept for com-

munities to develp a useful on-line/interactive venue in a way that can facilitate the creation of

content for as well as access to the information age.



Angie Gega--aka Anjeza, an actress/singer/dancer/model/humanitarian, was born in Albania and

raised with a desire to belong to the world.  Her artist career started at a very young age, when she

started to travel around the world.  Dance awards, recent music releases, appearances in many TV

shows and films, International singer with a knowledge of more than 6 foreign languages, are just a

few details that characterize her persona.  One of her strongest goal that inspires her work, is the

desire to make a emotional and financial difference in the world.  She is also the CEO of a new non-

profit organization called BECHLEM*--BECAUSE HE LEADS ME, I SHINE".  A non-profit organization

to inspire, motivate and guide children, (abused, sick, poor, and uneducated) to become better leaders

and better communicators.  The organization's objective is to provide a helping hand to poverty, a

warm hug and inspiring example to sick and abused children, and a great guidance of education so

they can make better choices. 



Lawrence Kraman, the founder of Newport Classic, which in its 26 year history has been one of the

most successful independent American classical CD companies, has been producer and/or engineer

of more than 250 CDs, with repertoire ranging from modern orchestra to period instrument ensembles,

electronica, jazz and comedy.  In 1995 he became Vice President for International Product Development

for Sony Classical for two years.  Recently migrating to the visual arts, he executive produced PDQ

Bach in Houston for Acorn Media; as well as producing and directing the critically acclaimed DVD of

Carlisle Floyd's modern opera masterpiece, Willie Stark, which had its broadcast debut in June 2008

on Louisiana Public Television, an d a ten DVD set of concerts from The Newport Music Festival 2007.   

He has just completed producing and directing David Amram:  The First 80 Years, a documentary

about Classical/Jazz/film score composer/conductor/jazz French hornist/ world musician and Beat

novelist, Jack Keroauc's musical collaborator, David Amram.  In previews, the film has been screened

at the Green Mountain Film Festival, The Library of Congress and the Moab Music Festival.



Adrienne King known for her starring role as Alice in the original cult classic  FRIDAY THE 13th

makes her first onscreen role return since FRIDAY THE 13th Part 2 in Mel House’s greatly anticipated

horror/sci-fi thriller PSYCHIC EXPERIMENT which will be released by Lionsgate this December 2011.

She follows that up with dramatic roles in: THE INNOCENT ,  THE BUTTERFLY ROOM and

INTERVIEWS WITH AUNT GABBY will she is producing as well.  Adrienne proudly received the 2008

International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award and was inducted as a

member into the Phoenix Film Commission HALL OF FAME.  Adrienne has been literally “resurrected f

rom the dead” by her die-hard , 3 generational, global fan-base after her real-life stalker experience spun

her into an adjacent successful voice-over & looping career( bio & credits on

Adrienne, also an acclaimed artist, just returned from a one woman show at London’s Misty Moon

Gallery. Her dark art was featured on STARZ & in the recent smash-hit documentary:  HIS NAME

WAS JASON; 30 Years of Friday the 13th.  Adrienne has partnered with Valley View Winery and is v

ery proud to announce her own private label of Oregon fine wines: CRYSTAL LAKE WINES  featuring an award winning Chard, Cabernet Sauvignon and Survivor’s Syrah!



Red Skunk Band- The Red Skunk Band puts together a truly authentic vintage-style sound that draws

from Django Reinhardt, 30's European Jazz, and American rot traditions.  The Skunks have just re-

leased their third studio album entitled "Hot and Haunting".  With 8 new originals on this recording,

their live act has been tailored around the album's theme, forging a distinctly fused sound of old and

new.  The truly remarkable part about this band, however, lies in their ability to transport an audience

freely around the time era continuum.  When the Skunks walk through your door donning fur coats

and retro equipment, you are guaranteed a healthy dose of authentic entertainment.  Their live per-

formace is nothing less than "buckle your seat belts folks because you are in for the ride of your

life" experience.


Sara Mora Ivicevich is a skilled Producer with over 12 yrs experience in the entertainment industry,

including feature film and television.  Sara began working with the stereoscopic 3D medium in 1999,

and has since worked on a myriad of 3D productions from music videos and commercials to TV,

executing an entire workflow from concept through distribution.  Sara recently produced programming

for the launch of the 3D network, 3net, including the world's first ever 3D docu-reality series, BULL-

PROOF, along with the world first awards show to broadcast in 3D, Ex Produced by 3ality and the

International 3D society.  She has also produced several 3D Film Festivals across the globe includ-

ing the 3D portion of the first Paso Robles Digital Film Festival, to the more recent 3D Film and

Interactive Festival in Hollywood.  Sara is also commintted to furthering 3D education through her

consulting work; clients include Nagravision, Ogilvy and Red Studios. 



John Andrew Parks  is a Songwriter's Songwriter, a Poet, and a Storyteller. Park's melodic

narratives run from windblown prairies and old jalopies to shooting stars across the cosmic canvas.

As Kenny Rogers once said on an NBC Television Special, “John Andrew  is one of the greatest

singer/songwriters I’ve heard in 20 years, and whether or not you like this song you have never

heard anything like it before!” Willie Nelson has him on his list of favorite songwriters.  Kenny

Rodgers produced Park's Plant Texas in a video that was well well well ahead of its time using

music, film footage and animation.   John recently performed for 600 million people on China TV. 

Jim Fogelsong, a Lifetime Achievement Grammy winner, commented: “John Andrew Parks’

influence will be felt for a decade to come.”



Rex Pickett- Author of the book SIDEWAYS which became the basis for the critically-acclaimed and

commercially successful Alexander Payne/Fox Searchlight release of 2004.  The film was nominated

for five Academy Awards, winning the Oscar for best adapted screenplay.  It also won the prestigious

Writers Gild Award for best adapted screenplay, two Golden Globe Awards for best screenplay and

best picture (musical or comedy), five NY Film Critics Circle Awards, including best picture and best

screenplay.  It swept the Indie Spirit Awards with six wins...and many other awards.  In all it won a

total of 350 year-end awards in all categories.  His novel has sold over 150,000 copies and has been

translated into twelve languages.  In 2008, the Writers Guild of American voted it one of 101 Greatest

Screenplays of all time.  Rex has written numerous screenplays.  He has just released the follow up

book to SIDEWAYS titled VERTICAL, and the play SIDEWAYS, which is to be premiered this Fall.



Patrice Poujol is the director of Box Productions, a digital media production and distribution

company based in Hong Kong and Ireland, which produces and promotes film content to Asia. 

Patrice has just completed as Project Manager on the 1st Irish Film Festival in China, and is on the

board of the 1st Chinese film festival in Ireland organized by the Confucius Institute.  As a PhD

researcher on the film business in China, and working on the publication of his book: Film

Distribution in the Digital Era: A Chinese Perspective.  Patrice has just released his new film

TASTE and screened in China and several film festivals.  He is presently working with thePDFF

producer Benford Standley on a film festival simultaneous film festival in Las Vegas and Macau,

China early 2013, and the Paso Robles/Bordeaux Film Festival in 2012.



Zev Robinson- filmmaker, artist, photographer and world traveler.  Zev lives in Spain and is presently

working on documentaries on wine as culture, history, and economic, with food related projects next

on his film list.  He has explored the use of digital technologies in creating time based art, videos and

random works.  He will screen "Life On The Douro" a documentary on the making of Port wine on the

Douro River, the 3rd largest river in the Iberian Peninsula, it is about 300 years of history with direct

ties to the current wine making there now.  Zev also has produced a documentary on wine, wineries

and winemakers of Dinastia Vivanco in Rioja, Spain.



Ivan Suvanjieff- was lead singer/song writer for the infamous Detroit punk rock band, 'The Ramrods',

he was a journalist and an editor at CREEM magazine, with his work being featured in two recently

published books: "The Best of Creem" and "Iggy Pop and the Stooges: The Authorized Biography.

He is friends with a gang of the "Beat/Kerouac" crowd (Alan Ginsberg and Charles Bukowski, who

were contribution editors to his literary magazine, "The New Censorship"...Ivan is friends and works

with the legendary Don Was.  He co-founded PeaceJam Foundation, and has been nominated for

the Nobel Peace Prize six times for this good work, and he is Ex Producer and Director of Photo-

graphy for '2012: The True Mayan Prophecy'.