David Von Roehm


Nine student filmmakers from CHARTER TECH at Somers Point, NJ will be joining David Von Roehm, who is head of the chARTer~TECH TV/Film Department, and who is a principal partner with Willie Nelson's Luck Films, and Kyle Warren

Filmmaking and Animation instructor in the chARTer~TECH TV/Film Department will be hosting “A Spotlight on chARTer~TECH Films”. A 45-minute presentation, which will highlight the best films from the department.  This, no doubt, promises to be an

incredible experience for the young filmmakers.  The following students will be taking the trip across the county to show their film work,

meet up with Paso Robles High School Students and

become part of the Festival Production Crew.

  • Julia Marrone

  • Gabrielle Goodwin

  • Zach Langford

  • Liz Erickson

  • Kelly Jenkins

  • Madalyn McKay

  • Matt Torres

  • Ryan Carr

  • Liam Dilg

Charter Tech students are working on the Willie

Nelson movie "Shoot Out Of Luck"


About chARTer~TECH

The students in the Film/TV department are exposed to a wide arena of digital media including film, TV broadcasting, animated film, film editing, and directing. Students film all the student performances at chARTer~TECH along with local events, PSA’s and community projects.

The CT News is broadcasted everyday, live using our Sony -Anycast system on our soundstage. In the Animation studio students work on the school yearbook, playbills and assist in the design of our school’s website utilizing the Adobe Creative Suite.

Throughout the year students work on individual projects that interest them and many film projects are entered in contests and film festivals. Our film students have many opportunities to participate in professional shoots with directors, producers, actors and cinematographers.

All TV/Film students participate in the annual chARTer~TECH Film Festival held in June.

Our Studio

We are a full pre to post production facility with a soundstage, animation/after effects lab, 4 editing suites [Avid, Adobe CS3, FCP6] and a post production sound – ADR Foley room with a G5 [Protools, Digi002] and a PC [GigaStudio, cakewalk producer, midi composite.].  We also have a production van that fits a crew of 15 with a Jimmy Jib, DVX100 24p cameras, 3 JVC GR110 HD cams, Glide cam and doorway dolly with tracks.

Our offices usually serve as home office to preproduction where the students hammer out locations, permits, etc. and our team is fully insured themselves during production – which makes getting some locations easier. We work closely with the Atlantic City and Philadelphia Film Commissions as a student to workforce bridge.

With this set up we serve the independent film community as supplemental crew in all aspects of production as well as a few larger budget films where we are more like PA/grips. We are currently gearing up for a shoot in Los Angeles and another in Austin which are high end low budget features. We also intern at local TV stations [NBC / 40] and provide material for local Philadelphia cable [WYBE and WCBM].

In addition to this production resume, we also lend our team and gear to help produce film festivals. We have, for the past 4 years helped to produce the Cape May New Jersey State Film Festival, the Garden State Asbury Park Film Festival, the Down Beach Film Fest in Atlantic City and the Algonquin Film Festival in Pa. The experiences from helping to run these festivals have proved invaluable to both the students and the festival directors. It is a working relationship which allows the students to mingle with industry professionals and to see films they would not usually be exposed to.

As a public school, we are not allowed to be paid for our services for either festivals or productions. Producers generally put us up in a hotel and pay for our food. In some cases, donations are made to the school, department or individual student accounts which they use as scholarship or class trip monies.

Photos of the studio can be seen here:










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