Nine student filmmakers from CHARTER TECH at Somers Point, NJ joined David

Von Roehm, who is head of the chARTer~TECH TV/Film Department, and who is a principal partner with Willie Nelson's Luck Films, and Kyle Warren Filmmaking and Animation instructor in the chARTer~TECH TV/Film Department, and who hosted A

Spotlight on chARTer~TECH Films. A 45-minute presentation, that highlighted

the best films from the department.  I think as the pictures show this was an incredible experience for the young filmmakers.


The Paso Digital Film Festival is so thankful for all the film and production work that

these great filmmakers did at the festival...and we already plan to have them back

for the next wild west digital film fest...

  • Julia Marrone

  • Gabrielle Goodwin

  • Zach Langford

  • Liz Erickson

  • Kelly Jenkins

  • Madalyn McKay

  • Matt Torres

  • Ryan Carr

  • Liam Dilg

Our Charter Tech Film

Crew is listed above thanks kids!!!!



David and Kyle arrive at LAX with the kids









Students Interview Bela Lugosi, Jr.

Bela Lugosi, Jr. and David Von Roehm

Kids prepare for a screening




Charter Tech Students have Production Meeting before festival



visit their site and

donate to their program, and help

bring kids back to the festival