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paso digital film fest # 1 & # 2



Ken Kragen told the kids at Paso Robles High School...


"Every great thing balances at all times on the razors edge of disaster...

When you are doing something that you really feel is something that is very special,

and you run into the obstacles, that you always do, and the bigger the project

the more obstacles and the more crisis will exists... it is when you push through

those problems, when you don't throw in the towel and you make it work...


It is easier to do the impossible than the ordinary...I is easier to do the

impossible than the ordinary.  You know why?


When you show people that you are trying something that impossible, then people

want on your side...Hands Across America was completely impossible, but I was

too naive to believe it, I didn't know better.  I did not know better to think that I

could not get 45 of the top people in the world together in a room to record a song.

It had never been done before, but I didn't know better.  Sometimes it is better

to not know better, sometimes it is better to just believe you can do it.





Benford, The Paso Robles Film Festival was spectacular...exciting and full with excellent movies. 

I learned so much watching "Piano Blues" and shall be eternally grateful to your for guiding me to

"No Direction Home."  The concert with Ramblin' Jack Elliott, and Kyle Eastwood was smashing.

The dinner party with Clint Eastwood and everyone very gracious.  It was obvious to me from our

first phone conversation, and then underscored by the way you ran the festival.  You are a director...

not about you...but about movie makers.  Thank you.      I thank you also for my award.  I shall

cherish it, and the fact that I was part of the festival with such magical dynamic music and movies.

This festival has a great future.  I was lucky to be at the first.

Much Love, Susan Morgan Cooper - Director  "An Unlikely Weapon"



This is Adam Garcia, Director of The Beverages.  On behalf of Aden (Co-Director)

and myself I would like to thank you guys for a great experience.  It was a lot of

fun and I hope that we can come out again in the coming years :)

I attended the PRDFF for a day and really like some of the projects submitted. I am from

CFC DVD Distribution and would love the get further contact information to all the

directors/producers of submitted projects since none were listed on the catalog that

was handed out. One in particular is a Family feature film 'Thousand Hills' that I briefly

saw and like to cut a distribution deal.         Thanks!


Thanks for everything, and sorry we could not make it to the festival, which nonetheless

 looked like it was a stirring success!  Best of luck with next year's festival!    John Klein



Yo back atchya Benford ~ 

Thank you for reaching out. Yes indeed that is me in the pick organized by your terrific

and  talented staff photographer Elisa Ramirez. The tall guy next to me with the black cap

and goat fur would be Rolling Stone tenor Sax player Joe Sublett and if you should adjust

the credits for accuracy my name is spelled Terence Later. 


I had a blast and I am looking forward to working with you in future to make the music portion

as cool as the film portion of the PRDFF.  Norm Sancho said you had the coolest event and

indeed he was right. It was very cool meeting you and attending your festival. All the guys

raved about how you treated them royally and the result is you are on the way to legendary

cowboy status.    Peace Through Victory,  Terence Later



Thank you for such a wonderful festival!      Shaahin Cheyene


Thank you for bringing such a great event to Paso.  The content and the production quality

of each venue was very professional and the admission price was great.  With you, I am

disappointed at the numbers attending.  I think a lot of the locals didn't understand the

entertainment product you put together.  I personally didn't know of the depth and variety

of offering until I got a program.  If you need some help next year penetrating the local market

 let me know, I would like to help.  I'm a local professional with offices in Paso and Los Osos.

I have developed a lot of contacts doing county wide fund raising and other project. I would

be happy to volunteer to outreach our local communities or at least give some input if you

would be interested.  Just to let you know your efforts were notice and appreciated and I

personally had a great time.      Best Wishes,       Dr. Doug Major



Thank you for all of your efforts in producing the festival.

Jayne McKay  Producer/Director     MAYNARD DIXON: ART AND SPIRIT


It's great to hear from you and to get the picture.  I've also been to your website and looked at

almost everything.  You did a great job.  I was about to write you to tell you that we had a great

time, the BIJQ loved playing, especially amidst all the other styles of things that you presented.  

Those who heard them really seemed to have a good time.  We'd be happy to work with you

anytime in the future.  Just let us know.     Stephen C. Anderson, Director-Brubeck Institute



Thanks again for developing and delivering such a fantastic event.

I had a great time at the festival.        Maceo Greenberg, film maker



“Fender Musical Instruments Corp. was proud to participate in this wonderful film festival.

The Silver Resonator we donated to benefit the Paso Robles High School Student Resource

Center was made all the more valuable when it was autographed by The Bacon Brothers, John

Andrew Parks and the one and only (and legendary) Ramblin’ Jack Elliott. Our company couldn’t

think of a more worthy beneficiary than the Paso Robles High School Resource Center.


On a personal note, my wife Bettina and I thoroughly enjoyed attending the festival. The movies,

musicians and panels were all of the highest caliber and certainly one of my best memories was

getting to hang out with Ramblin’ Jack to hear some of those amazing recollections of his.  My

wife would say the same, and would of course add her meeting Clint Eastwood.

Congratulations Benford on all you great work and we’ll be back to see you soon.”

Del Breckenfeld Director, Entertainment Marketing Fender Musical Instruments Corp.



Thank you for a wonderful festival experience.  The Martin and Weyrich Tasting

Room screening exceeded my expectations. Glad to be part of the 1st      Spencer Wilkinson



I also wanted to again express my personal thanks to you for initiating another important arts event

for the north county community.  I feel this is one more step toward a broadened arts experience for

all of us, regardless of wherever we reside in the central coast area, and I hope you will keep it

moving along.  I'm grateful to Gary Conway for getting me involved, and I hope you will keep me

in mind as you plan for the '09 PRDFF and other related events.

Again, it was great to finally meet you, and thanks for creating an important and exciting new film

festival for our area...hope to have the opportunity to collaborate with you in some fashion in the

future-      Dave Cole three years as Vice-President of the San Luis Obispo

International Film Festival



A big congratulations on the festival and a huge thanks for including our film -

No Regrets No Remorse.  We were lucky enough to pick up 'Best Musical

Comedy' which is much appreciated.      Nicholas Cooper




It was great to meet you and your entire crew.

You have surrounded yourself with a great bunch of people.

Dan was a great interviewer. Say hi for me if you see him.
Had fun setting up and streaming your content each day.





The screenings have ben amazing and I was extremely touched by the children's day and the

emotions shown by folks like Ken Kragen! To be the first to hear about "We are the world"

for next year...Amazing!  Benford, it was an honor to spring some magic on folks here and

there and be part of something that will soon be well known everywhere. I'm looking

forward to next year already...


Richard Ferguson




Dear Benford,

We had so much fun yesterday.  Such a nice group of people.  Paso is one of my favorite places in

California.  Again,  we are looking forward to today. I would love to talk to you about introducing Lois

and see what you think.  It would be my privilege.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful weekend.  Lois and I met so many interesting people.  I also

want to thank you for your support of Children of the Night and your work to make other aware of the

struggles of kids in this world. Glad to hear your webcast worked for you.

Thanks again,
Kathleen Quinlan


This is second year I have accompanied my granddaughter to the festival and it is just getting better. The venue

for the music part of the event was amazing with lovely surroundings in a vineyard with big stage, great sound

and private railroad cars for relaxing. As always, Benford rounded up both great film producers and musicians,

providing super entertainment. Don't miss the Digital Film and Wine Festival in June 2010.

Barbara (Nana) Musgraves


Had a great time performing at the festival. Benford, you are amazing.


Michael Lewis, Musician



Great job! I enjoyed the PRDFF last year. Thanks for all your hard work. I was made aware of this

event by my friend, Gary Conway (Carmody McKnight Winery) and attended the panel he had last

year. Benford Stanley was there too.  He was very kind and informative.  I love it here in Paso and

its people like you who make this an even better place to live!

Let me know in the future if you need volunteer help. If I'm available I'll help.

Thanks again!
Michael Coen   Paso Robles, CA



It was quite heartening to see a "State and Fate of Children Forum" featured at this

year's Paso Digital Film Festival.  I was impressed by the many participants who 

clearly have dedicated themselves to creating a more hopeful world for children. 

Honoring such remarkable human beings as Botso Korisheli and Ken Kragen was

a fitting end to the day. 







Thank you so much for another great time at your festival. Kacey and I fell in love with Dan and

Sunny, such great guys. Everyone we met was so nice to us. I hope everything turned out well with

rest of festival. I know you are probably still chasing your tail winding up the event, hope you got to

enjoy Turkey Day. Take care and thanks so much again, you rock!